This year, we have a variety of offerings for Pesach. Whether you’re looking for learning, resources, ritual, or a seder to go to, we’ve got you covered!

Grappling with Pesach: Pre-Passover Learning

Sunday, April 14th | 4-6pm | Location TBD

This year, it feels hard to think about the Pesach story of Jewish liberation without thinking about the tremendous loss of life in Gaza. What does it mean to celebrate Jewish freedom right now? What is the vision of Jewish liberation that Passover points us toward?

In this session, we will explore various traditional and contemporary texts in order to grapple with the story of Pesach itself and to see what meaning we can find for these times. We’ll also be thinking about how we might want to show up at the seder table this year, whether we’re gathering with folks who feel values-aligned or with those with whom we disagree politically. 

Pesach Resource Library

We’ve compiled lots of resources to help you plan your seder, as well as resources for having difficult political conversations at the seder table!

When Rabbis4Ceasefire and JVP release their resources for this year, we will add them to the library.

Have resources you love? Add them to the resource library!

Chametz Bonfire Havdalah

Saturday, April 20th | 7-9pm | Shelterhouse Picnic Area, South Chagrin Reservation

Join us to say goodbye to Shabbat and welcome in the new week! Please bring something for our snack potluck. We’ll have some time for casual hanging, as well as a special pre-Pesach bonfire ritual.

Many Jews have the custom to burn any remaining chametz (leavened foods) as they clear out their house for Pesach. We invite you to bring some crumbs to burn if that is your tradition, and also to bring spiritual and political chametz you’d like to burn away. What from 5784 would you like to toss in the fire, from your personal life or the world? Please feel free to bring organic symbolic items to burn (please no plastic!) and we will also provide paper for you to write on and burn.

As we watch the fire burn it all up, we will sing Jewish songs of collective liberation, as we imagine and embody olam haba, the world to come. As we head into Pesach, what is the liberation we yearn for?

We’ll close our ritual space with havdalah, distinguishing between Shabbat and the rest of the week. We’ll provide all ritual items, but feel free to bring a candle and/or spices if you want. We’ll also bless the waxing moon (if it’s not too cloudy!), a symbol of rebirth and renewed life and blessing. 

Access: We’ll be at a pavilion in South Chagrin Reservation with a fireplace. There is a paved path from the parking lot.

Regional Seders!

east | west | south

This year, we are organizing regional seders. We know that many CJC members will be looking for values-aligned seders and may not have somewhere else to go. More details to come soon! Let Rabbi Miriam know if you’re interested in hosting and/or leading a seder.