Who can be a member?

We welcome all who share our values and want to be in community with us, including those in interfaith relationships and those exploring Judaism.

We strive for intentional inclusion and reject the concept of a hierarchy of Jewishness based on background, practice, or belief. We welcome single people, partnered people, and families with kids; interfaith families; babies, elders, and everyone in between; queer, trans, cis and straight people; Jews of Color and white Jews; neurodivergent and neurotypical people; religious, secular, and atheist Jews; Sephardi, Mizrahi, and Ashkenazi Jews; and anyone interested in exploring and experiencing Jewish life. We affirm the beauty & strength of diverse community.

What does it mean to be a member?

1. Voice and vote in key decisions, helping shape our future

We have some big decisions on the horizon! By becoming a member, you can:

3. Receive chesed (lovingkindness & mutual aid) support during challenging times, including:

4. Receive pastoral care from Rabbi Miriam when emotional and spiritual needs arise (emotional support for whatever’s going on in your life)

5. Free or reduced rate for CJC programming 

6. Free or reduced rate for life cycle officiation (weddings, funerals, etc.)

7. Take a spiritual and political stance by investing in CJC’s sacred community and our collective future

8. Make a financial contribution that is meaningful, significant & affordable to you

Financial Contributions

We are creating this community together, and we need your support to make this possible. 

To help sustain our community financially, we ask that each member make an annual or monthly contribution that is meaningful, significant & affordable to you. 

Only you know the level of giving that is right for you, and we encourage you to make a pledge that fits with your financial obligations, needs, and abilities. Financial accessibility is a foundational value at CJC, and no one will ever be turned away for lack of funds. Our doors are open to everyone, no matter how much you’re able to give. 

We’ve created a guide for membership contributions, which we hope will be useful as you determine how much to contribute financially. You are welcome to give more or less than the suggested amounts. Contributions are tax deductible.

Contributing Share $1.50-$18 monthly or $18-$216 annually
Building Share $18-$72 monthly or $216-$864 annually
Maintaining Share* $72-$100 monthly or $864-$1,200 annually
Sustaining Share** $100-$300 monthly or $1,200-$3,600 annually

*Maintaining share is the amount that, if every adult member contributed, would allow us to fully meet our budgetary needs.
**Sustaining share is what allows for the carrying forward of our pay-what-you-can model, essential for a shul where the majority of members cannot offer a maintaining share. Contributing at this level helps ensure the sustainability of our community for all members. 

Our goal over the next few years is to increase our financial capacity, in order to compensate Rabbi Miriam for her time. In 2024, our goal is to pay Rabbi Miriam $30,000, which is roughly ¼ of a typical congregational rabbinic salary. (In 2023, Rabbi Miriam made roughly ⅛ of a typical salary and our goal is to increase her salary every year until she is fairly compensated for her time.)

Our total 2024 budget is $50,000, which, in addition to Rabbi Miriam’s salary, includes $7,000 for operating costs (software, fees, general supplies, etc) and $13,000 for programming costs (space rental, food, printing, etc).

While we are always looking for grants and other fundraising opportunities, membership contributions are our largest and most reliable funding source. Thank you so much for contributing to the future of our community!