Who We Are

Together we are creating a community that honors our diverse identities, ages, experiences, religious beliefs and spiritual practices, so that we each can show up as our full selves. Rooted in relationship, we aim to be mishpacha (family) and to support each other in times of sadness and joy. Gathering for holidays and Shabbat, we affirm a place-based and evolving Judaism, and engage and experiment with a range of modalities. We explore Jewish traditions in ways that support our lives, connect us with each other and the earth, and help us pursue justice in Cleveland and the wider world. 

We welcome all who share our values and want to be in community with us, including anyone, Jewish or not, who is interested in exploring and experiencing Jewish life.

We strive for intentional inclusion and reject a hierarchy that pits Jews above non-Jews or some Jews above other Jews based on background, practice, or belief. We welcome single people, partnered people, and families with kids; interfaith families; babies, elders, and everyone in between; queer, trans, cis, and straight people; Jews of Color and white Jews; neurodivergent and neurotypical people; disabled, chronically ill, and able-bodied people; religious, secular, and atheist Jews; Sephardi, Mizrahi, and Ashkenazi Jews; and anyone interested in exploring and experiencing Jewish life. We are committed to providing a spiritual and communal home for those of us who have not been able to find one elsewhere. We affirm the beauty and strength of diverse community.

Our History